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Piston pump manufacturers to invest in business, remember no

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The development of plunger pump manufacturers shows the trend of acceleration. China Merchants is a channel for the expansion of many piston pump manufacturers. Through the investment, the company has entered its regional market and gained market share, ultimately achieving benefits. However, investment promotion is not as much as possible. Blind investment is not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises.
    There is a misunderstanding in the enterprise now: as long as there are more stores selling my corporate brand, the sales of my company will go up and you will be able to make money. Therefore, some enterprises began to attract investment from all over the country, and they did not consider the existing funds, technology, marketing teams, etc. of their own enterprises. They did not start from their own reality and ultimately could not control the market. The dealers depend on the manufacturers to survive. Most dealers have high hopes for the manufacturers to follow the guidance, hoping to get the support of the manufacturers, including market launch, media operations, team training, terminal and promotion management. Once the number of dealers in the enterprise increases sharply, the increase in the number of funds and personnel of the manufacturers will increase the marketing chain to a low level, which will hinder the development of the company.
    For many investment enterprises, some enterprises have succeeded, some have failed, and different investment methods will lead to different results. Enterprises should also consider the trade-offs in many aspects when selecting agents, and find dealers that are consistent with their own brand positioning and business philosophy.
    Piston pump manufacturers can't escape the traditional methods of exhibition, running market and advertising. In the past, the plunger pump manufacturers reserved the booth before the exhibition, and strived to show the brand of the enterprise plunger pump in an all-round way, attracting consumers' attention, attracting dealers to stop, let the dealers to screen the manufacturers. If both sides feel good, they will start. Cooperation. However, there are more and more exhibitions today, and the cost of the exhibition is also high. The participation expenses, advertising expenses, personnel expenses, public relations expenses, and travel expenses add up to the manufacturers. The number of exhibitors has also been decreasing in recent years, and the effect of the exhibition has also begun to decline.
    In the multimedia era, companies can choose more and more types of advertisements. Different media have different audiences and will achieve different effects. Piston pump manufacturers need to choose the right advertisement according to the limits they can afford, instead of fully spreading the net, revealing one side in each media, neither affecting the company's own budgetary situation, nor achieving good expected results. The media is a sharp sword for corporate investment, but the advertising should be comprehensively laid out and targeted. And advertising needs to be creative, the same investment advertisements will not only make people remember, but also show the industry's business follow-up, with personality and characteristics to make people shine.
    Piston pump manufacturers want to achieve long-term development, investment is the only way, dealers are related to the facade of a company, so in the investment link, companies should be far-sighted, improve dealers barriers to entry, can not blindly follow the trend, blindly Ask for quantity.

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