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Piston pump manufacturers reform will usher in three major c

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Many people are afraid of change, so many people will start to nostalgic when the times change. For business operations, change means a higher level of development. In the past 2015, piston pump manufacturers have developed under the times, and many companies have changed and pursued development. It can be said that change does not necessarily lead to success, but negatively looking at changes in the times is likely to be ruthlessly eliminated by the market. So what changes have occurred in the plunger pump market?
    First, the traditional plunger pump store welcomes change
    At present, the experience store is making more and more strong voices. The drawbacks of traditional plunger pump stores that can't attract more popularity are being exposed. Although some stores have made various efforts, compared with the popularity of some plug-in pump stores that adapt to the world trend, Chinese traditional stores obviously have a lot of popularity. A huge upside.
    In 2016, I believe that there will be more stores to bring more magic weapons in the gathering of people, there will be more new commercial forces to rewrite the old rules, so that the traditional piston pump stores have more substantial changes to adapt to change. A new trend in physical consumption.
    Second, the industry to service transformation
    One of the most important signs of the transformation of industry into service is the service transformation of traditional sales channels. At present, the requirement for a plunger pump shopping guide is that he not only needs to know the knowledge of the plunger pump, but also understand the decoration knowledge. Even for some customers, he needs to understand the niche knowledge such as Feng Shui and constellation.
    Consumer perceptions of plunger pumps are already changing. Consumers need more than just a custom-made plunger pump. They also need a designer to explain the style of the plunger pump and design the plunger pump space, making the plunger pump the most important part.
    In order to adapt to this new consumption trend, many plunger pump manufacturers have made efforts to let their sales staff take on more personalized service. Companies that make such transformations often get huge returns.
    Third, gradually move to network sales
    The momentum of online sales like the savage beasts that devour the traditional channel market share may be weakened, but it will never reverse. It’s just that the momentum of the attack has slowed down. More traditional companies will appear in the field of online sales.
    The reason why traditional enterprises are lacking in online sales is that the main reason is that traditional business leaders have less knowledge of the network, can not flexibly use new technologies and new methods, form synergy with existing advantages, and create new marketing advantages. This situation is expected to change with the rejuvenation, knowledge and gradual awakening of the heads of traditional enterprises.

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