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Analyze the axial piston pump manufacturers flow is insuffic

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The plunger pump is an important power component in the entire hydraulic system. After the failure, it will seriously affect the working efficiency. The following axial piston pump manufacturers tell you that the axial piston pump manufacturer has insufficient flow?
    First, the flow rate of the variable pump can be adjusted by changing the angle of the swash plate member. When the position of the plunger reaches 0° and turns to 180°, the volume of the plunger cylinder becomes larger, and the oil suction port of the oil distribution plate will flow into the oil cylinder, and the flow rate will increase; generally, the position of the plunger reaches 180° and turns to 360°. The plunger cylinder volume becomes smaller, and the flow rate is reduced. For the fixed pump, the tilt angle is fixed, and the flow rate cannot be adjusted by this method.
    Secondly, what are the reasons for the insufficient flow of the plunger pump? 1. The oil level of the fuel tank is too low; 2. The components such as the oil pipe or the oil filter are blocked or leaking; 3. The oil is not filled before the oil pump is operated, and some air is left inside; 4. The central spring force of the oil pump Insufficient or broken, the plunger can not return normally; 5. The sealing between the cylinder block and the oil distribution plate component is poor; 6. The variable angle of the variable axial piston pump is too small, and the flow rate can be changed by adjusting the angle. ; 7, cylinder block, oil distribution plate, cylinder and other components wear more serious, oil leakage occurs; 8, oil temperature is too low, resulting in a decrease in oil viscosity, piston pump internal leakage.
    In summary, if you combine the above reasons, the elimination will solve the problem. Hope can help everyone.

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