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There are five major factors to consider when the plunger pu

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Piston pumps are widely used in high pressure, high flow and flow adjustments, and are commonly used in hydraulic presses, construction machinery and ships. However, after the plunger pump has been used for a long time, a phenomenon in which the rotation speed is too low may occur. We have to find the right elements to make it work very well. The following piston pump manufacturers will give you a few points:
    1. Man-made elements: If a proper part of the user is damaged by the original motor of the plunger pump, it will be equipped with another motor to move freely. The effect is that the flow is low, the lift is low, and the water is not pumped.
    2, its own mechanical disadvantages: the impeller and the plunger pump shaft fastening nut loose or the pump shaft deformation and bending, constitute the impeller multi-shift, directly conflict with the pump body, or the bearing damage, may reduce the speed of the plunger pump;
    3. Transmission belt wear: There are many large-sized plunger pumps with belt transmission. Due to long-term use, the transmission belt is worn and loose, and the slip phenomenon occurs, and then the rotation speed of the plunger pump is lowered;
    4, the power machine repair is not recorded: the motor is burned due to winding, and the loss of magnetism, repair the winding turns, wire diameter, wiring method changes, or repair defects, not thoroughly cleaned the elements will also make the plunger pump speed change;
    5. The equipment is not suitable: the distance between the two pulleys is too small or the two shafts are not parallel. The belt is tightly attached to the top of the belt, causing the wrap angle to be too small, the calculation of the diameter of the two pulleys and the displacement of the piston pump of the coupling transmission. If the pain distance is large, it will constitute a change in the speed of the plunger pump.
    These five points will cause the plunger pump to have a low speed.

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