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Piston pump manufacturers simply include the advantages of h

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The high-pressure plunger pump achieves the purpose of conveying liquid by periodically changing the volume in the working chamber, and the mechanical energy of the prime mover is directly converted into the pressure energy for conveying the liquid through the pump. So do you know the specific advantages of high pressure piston pumps? The small series of plunger pump manufacturers summarized the following points.
    1. Instantaneous flow is pulsating
    This is because in the plunger pump, the suction and discharge processes of the liquid medium alternate, and the speed of the piston is constantly changing during the displacement process. In a pump with only one working chamber, the instantaneous flow of the pump not only changes over time, but is also discontinuous. As the working chamber increases, the pulsation amplitude of the instantaneous flow becomes smaller and smaller, and even practically, it can be considered as turbulent flow.
    2. The average flow is constant
    In theory, the pump flow depends only on the pump's main structural parameters n (reciprocation times per minute), S (piston stroke), D (piston diameter), Z (number of pistons), independent of discharge pressure, and with the transport medium. Physical and chemical properties such as temperature and viscosity are irrelevant. So the pump flow is constant.
    3. The pressure of the pump depends on the characteristics of the pipe
    The discharge pressure of the plunger pump cannot be defined by the pump itself, but depends on the piping characteristics of the pump unit and is independent of the flow rate. That is, if the delivery liquid is considered to be incompressible, then it is theoretically considered that the discharge pressure of the reciprocating pump will not be subject to any restrictions, and any desired discharge pressure of the pump can be established depending on the piping characteristics of the pump device. Of course, all reciprocating pumps have a discharge pressure regulation of the pump. This is not to say that the discharge pressure of the pump will not rise any more, but only because of the limitation of the prime mover's rated power and the structural strength of the pump itself, it is not allowed. Use it beyond this discharge pressure.
    4. Strong adaptability to the transport medium
    Piston pumps can in principle transport any medium, virtually independent of the physical and chemical properties of the medium. Of course, due to the limitations of the material and manufacturing process of the hydraulic end and the sealing technology, sometimes it is difficult to adapt.
    5. Have good self-priming performance
    The plunger pump not only has good suction performance, but also has good self-priming properties. Therefore, for most reciprocating pumps, there is usually no need to prime the pump before starting.
    These five points are some of the advantages of high pressure piston pumps.

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