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How does the plunger pump manufacturer view the factors affe

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According to the years of experience of the piston pump manufacturer, several factors affecting the life of the hydraulic pump are analyzed as follows:
    1, bearing wear
    Bearing wear is a determining factor that affects the soft life of the hydraulic pump. The bearings for hydraulic pumps are special bearings for specific working conditions and specific load friction torques. This type of bearing will have an "eccentric load edge effect" during operation, which will inevitably reduce the rated service life of the bearing, and will also affect the soft life of the hydraulic pump.
    2, oil pollution
    The oil pollution of the oil used in the plunger pump is mainly caused by artificial pollution. When the hydraulic filter element is replaced, the oil in the filter cartridge is not drained or the liquid is not discharged from the filter cartridge, and the filter element is removed, and the pollutants in the filter cartridge are directly flowed into the fuel tank from the discharge port of the filter cartridge. When a particle enters the hydraulic pump, a scratch on the distribution surface is formed. When the scratch is formed into a groove under the long-term flushing of the high-pressure oil, the hydraulic pump fails.
    3. Inhaling oil with air
    Inhalation of oil with air is one of the most important factors affecting its soft life. When the air enters the distribution zone of the hydraulic pump from the low pressure zone to the high pressure zone, under the pressure of the high pressure oil, the bubble bursts and ruptures, and a cavitation appearance is formed between the flow distribution surface of the cylinder and the distribution plate. When the acupoint is severe, the copper layer on the cylinder surface will pass through. Another situation is that the hydraulic oil tank has a small volume or the design of the distance plate in the fuel tank is unreasonable. When the air bubble that is brought into the oil when the hydraulic system is returned to the oil has not been completely eliminated, it is sucked away by the pump suction port. The above causes can also be formed.
    4. Resonance during multi-pump operation
    When a large hydraulic station group pump unit is operating, resonance will occur, which will also affect the soft life of the imported hydraulic pump.
    5, the repair method is not appropriate
    Any improper repair methods will result in complete damage to the hydraulic pump. The collapse and installation of the plunger pump is a delicate and messy operation. It is necessary for the operator to carefully read the repair technical parameters of the plunger pump under repair before repairing the plunger pump. The best way is to be repaired by a professional.

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